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A permanent exposition is held in Peypin (13). Paul Maisonneuve opens the doors of his studio by appointment at 06 08 68 88 88 or by mail at :

Paul Maisonneuve

The last serie of the Recto-Verso collection consists of refined artworks, mostly in black and gold .

« I love the authority of black, its severity, its obviousness, its radicality. Its mighty power of contrast gives an intense presence to all colors, and when illuminates the darkest, it gives them a somber greatness ».

Pierre Soulages.

“The artist must give the floor to its artwork”

Paul Maisonneuve

Paul Maisonneuve

Artistic approach

Painting in the darkness or with eyes closed ; right handed gestures painted with the left hand ; lines guided by the desir of the tracing hand ; lines and colors released from the grip of vision, just guided by the memory of what was seen ; refraining himself from doing too much so that the pleasure of seeing the support, canvas, plexiglass once painted, comes from restraint and not from completion; and that the painter’s enjoyment comes from the gesture rather than from the sight.

His approach consists in showing that we can resist to the trivialization of perception, and recover the visual sense of how things really are before it is stifled by habits. By asserting that painting can only be impure, mixed, as confused as the contemporary world itself, the painter opens to the painting a way for an absolute freedom.

Paul Maisonneuve

Its background and life trajectory started with philosophy. Then, he moved to psychology of art and finally fully dedicated himself to painting. As a visual artist, he’s always looking for new art techniques and mostly makes artwork series.

He draws his energy from the light of his studio located in the South of France, in Peypin, surrounded by nature. Come and discover his studio, you will understand everything about his creativity and his art work.

Kathy & Paul Maisonneuve

Paul et Kathy Maisonneuve


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Salon d’Automne en 2008.
Vente aux enchères Hôtel des Ventes de Neuilly (92).